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6 EDM Songs That Are Also Badass “Breaking Bad” Quotes

phase888 | March 22, 2021

“Say my name.”

It’s been nearly eight years since the shocking end of Breaking Bad. The show gripped us for five heart-pounding seasons as we followed Walter White on his journey from timid high school chemistry teacher to globally feared crystal meth kingpin.

Fans can attest that the amount of quotable moments from the legendary show is impossible to count. However, you’d be surprised to find that some of the most memorable lines from Breaking Bad just happen to be identical to some big-time electronic music songs.

A Breaking Bad and EDM crossover probably wasn’t on your 2021 bingo card, but here goes.

“Say My Name” – ODESZA feat. Zyra

Who could forget when Walter White uttered this iconic quote and forced Declan to acknowledge him as Heisenberg? It was one of those TV moments that you knew would go down in history. ODESZA‘s song of the same name, of course, went on to become one of their most popular. 

“I Am the Danger” – Powernerd

This chilling quote from Walter stood the test of time as one of the show’s most most memorable. Its badassery is mirrored in “I Am the Danger,” a menacing synthwave track by Powernerd.

“Fire in the Hole” – Pegboard Nerds

When Jesse angrily bluffs Walter into thinking he was going to burn bundles of $10,000 in cash by the minute, his rage is matched by the furious sound design of “Fire in the Hole,” a roaring dubstep banger by Pegboard Nerds.

“Magnets” – Zeds Dead & SNAILS feat. Akylla

You could always count on Jesse Pinkman for some comic relief in Breaking Bad, thanks to his signature “Yeah, bitch!” line. In the beginning of the show’s fifth season, Jesse found a way to delete incriminating footage of himself from Gus’ laptop and screamed “Yeah, bitch! Magnets!” Naturally, Zeds Dead, SNAILS, and Akylla‘s screeching dubstep song “Magnets” follows suit.

“No More Half Measures” – Tom Gotti

Perhaps no quote sums up the ethos of Breaking Bad more than this one from Mike, the stoic hitman and cleaner of drug kingpin Gus Fring. Its intense nature is reflected in “No More Half Measures,” a ferocious techno track from Tom Gotti.

“Run” – Secoya

Remember when Walter bailed out Jesse by executing the two drug dealers who killed Tomás, the younger brother of his girlfriend Andrea? The power of Walter’s one-word quote is paralleled in “Run,” a mighty 2014 melodic dubstep anthem by Secoya

Written by phase888


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