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ANYMA – Sentient EP

phase888 | June 4, 2021

Matteo Milleri, one half of techno team Tale of Us, released an EP titled ‘Sentient‘ under his new project moniker ANYMA. It consists of four stunning melodic techno tracks that showcase Matteo’s new direction. Furthering his distinct take on techno, the compilation is poetic, romantic, sensual, and weaves technology and humanity together. This solo venture channels Matteo’s utopian vision into a multidisciplinary project merging real-world experiences with the digital space.

A Dive Into The Tracks

First up is ‘Sentient‘, the title track that starts off with a resounding melody comparable to a Blade Runner soundtrack. The tender notes echo in and out while the drumming bass line propels the piece forward. Percussive elements interweave while the second verse builds up with more instrumentals. This song sets the tone and the vibe for the remaining tracks with hits and sudden pauses to keep you on your toes. ‘Reminding‘ features Rose Anschutz’s vocals that provide a retro 90s rave vibe to it. This is perfect for taking some old sounds and incepting new sounds into them. It exudes a darker tone compared to the previous track, but it personifies melodic techno well. Thirdly, ‘Fragments’ follows and touches on the softer notes of techno while ‘Omnia in Anyma’ brings it home with a melancholic, deep, dark undertone.

ANYMA embodies the ethos of techno, where the physical and digital merge into a single enlightening auditory experience. This will be the first of three pivotal EPs this new project will release, along with an array of singles, EPS, and remixes. As part of the Afterlife label, ANYMA’s next album GENESYS debuts this October. In addition, he’s also dropping NFTs throughout the year. The purpose of this project is to comprehend human consciousness, to understand expressivity and creativity through souls and emotions. When you listen to music, you feel something in your gut, your heart, your soul. That becomes a universal language that he wants to tell. Through his specialized filming, 3D motion, and interactive storytelling, he collaborates with Builders Club to develop his visual identity for the project.

Listen to his first EP below.

Anyma – Sentient EP | Buy/Stream

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