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How Tasha Baxter Uplifted the Bedroom Producer Community In the Darkness of the Pandemic

phase888 | October 29, 2021

Tasha Baxter’s Full Flex Moon community will soon release a collaborative album that she likens to a “photosonic time capsule.”

From label releases to curated compilations, many artists have worked tirelessly to provide unheralded artists a platform for their voices to be heard. However, singer-songwriter and electronic music vet Tasha Baxter has taken a distinctly unique approach with her Full Moon Flex community.

Baxter launched Full Moon Flex around the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, when she began to host streams during full moons.

“Honestly, I had just come back from performing with Camo & Krooked’s Symphonic Orchestra in Vienna when Covid hit South Africa and the rest of the world. Like bam,” Baxter tells “I started my server when I started my Patreon and then moved to Twitch to do live performances, group therapy sessions, artist interviews and sample flip challenges.”

This quickly transformed into live feedback streams, an initiative that eventually grew into something much more engaging—but not at first. Baxter says it was “very hard to be on the spot, vulnerable and exposed” on her streams.

“What started as fun ‘feedback streams’ where I would sing over submissions and then let everyone keep the vocals, started evolving with each ‘Flex,'” Baxter explained, where she “went deeper into the tunes, writing, producing, adding guitars and generally vibing with everyone’s sonic stories of the moment.”

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Baxter’s venture has now bloomed into a full-fledged project of its own. After contributing her vocals to a number of tracks, the community has released three of their own thus far.

These include Baxter’s collabs with OMSTRB, DJANGOZA, and Shadow Wanderer, each of which dropped on her newly minted record label, Polyoto. Each song encapsulates their own distinct sound, as Baxter only lent her voice and feedback while the various producers handled the compositions on their own.

These few releases are only the beginning for the Full Moon Flex community. Baxter and her loyal fans will be releasing an album in the near future, which she likens to a “photosonic time capsule.” The record, she says, will explore drum & bass, lo-fi, shoegaze, trip-hop, IDM, dream pop, and other electronic genres.

“I think what kept me going was the fact that 13 other humans were involved as well as the rest of the community that is more of a family, despite all odds against us and the impossible daunting task, the geo-locations and time zones, nervous breakdowns, songs not being finished, we managed to manifest a 17-track LP, our first release and our first vinyl,” Baxter exulted. 

c/o Tasha Baxter

Baxter’s approach is vastly different from what we’re used to seeing. Many artists form their own label entities and sign fresh talent frequently, but she has done that while simultaneously contributing to their development. Her community has grown tremendously during this time, as she’s currently working with artists from all over the globe in places like New Zealand, Austria, and Holland, among many others.

Full Moon Flex is due out on November 19th alongside a limited-time vinyl. Pre-save, pre-order, and join the community here.



Written by phase888


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