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Your EDM Interview with Wankelmut for Yacht Week

phase888 | April 27, 2021

As part of Ultra Europe, you can’t go wrong with Yacht Week.

The Yacht Week Croatia Ultra Festival route takes a flotilla of yachts, with over 500 party people, along the Croatian coast for an adventure like no other, with electronic dance music at its core. Not only do attendees get to enjoy the stunning floating festival that is The Yacht Week (complete with circle raft parties, buzz boat floating DJ stage, sailing, diving, swimming in secluded natural bays, exploring Palmizana Island, sunset dinner at Fort George, beach yoga, HIIT sessions, freshly made food and much more), they get VIP entry to the first day and night of Ultra Festival Croatia to hang in The Yacht Week’s VIP area (private table service, food service, no queuing, free transfers) and take in the sounds and experience of one of the biggest and best EDM festivals in the world.

Though this year’s Ultra Festival route is completely sold out, there are still more to choose from almost year round.

We spoke with Wankelmut, who will be performing this year, about Yacht Week and what it means to be out playing shows again.

This last year has been hard on so many people. Obviously staying healthy and keeping a positive mindset have been important, but what’s something that you’ve been doing that’s unique to stay occupied?

Since my son was born early this year I was quite busy which was actually great. Apart from that I did a lot of music and collaborated with other artists on upcoming projects. Since everybody is at home there is a lot of ‘open mind’ philosophy which is actually great.

You’ve already put out a few tracks this year, the latest being your remix of ‘In My Feelings.’ What was your mindset going into this remix? Were there any different approaches or methods of production you used from what you normally do?

First of all that Gia Koka vocal was simply great. She is releasing so many great tunes recently. Henri Purnell did a very good job with the original so it just needed that Wankelmut touch to make it more banging and give it more of a house music edge.

As the world opens up, we’re going to see more and more shows open up, but everything else too. Apart from just playing and going to shows, what’s something you’ve really missed during the pandemic?

I miss the ‘easy going“ lifestyle especially in Berlin. Everything is super serious now –  literally death is waiting behind every corner in a big city. I miss the ‘lightness’ to enjoy a beer at the corner, just like that.

This July, Yacht Week in Croatia is sure to be a massive celebration. What are you most looking forward to there?

It’s a very special occasion in a beautiful country. The whole setup is perfect and I can’t wait to spin tunes in the hot sun feeling the Adriatic vibes.

When you think of people partying for a week in a flotilla of yachts, what comes to mind?

To let loose and enjoy the opportunity in a safe setup. To get back to a certain quality of lifestyle which is not constantly overshadowed by dark clouds coming from the latest news from the television. It’s an opportunity to escape from a lot of things which have been bringing us down.

Wankelmut performs on the Buzz Boat at The Yacht Week in Croatia week commencing May 29. His new single ‘Rouge‘ is released on Virgin / Universal on 14th May.

This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: Your EDM Interview with Wankelmut for Yacht Week

Written by phase888


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